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THE ISSUE:   Physicians Continuing Board Certification Status also known as Maintenance of Certification (MOC).  

  • MOC is a test product sold by a single company — American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and it’s twenty four subspecialty boards, with a powerful lobby that has convinced hospitals and insurance companies to require physicians to buy their product.

  • MOC is not required by state medical boards, Medicare, Medicaid, or Veterans Affairs — but if physicians don’t buy this product, they could lose their hospital privileges, lose reimbursement from insurance companies, and lose their job.

  • Currently, a single entity sells MOC recertification products. Hospitals and insurance companies should be allowed to require recertification, but should not be able to specify and allow for alternatives for recertification. To deter that, ABMS has spent millions in lobbying to block legislative efforts in over 30 states.

THE SOLUTION: Another recertification option exists. The National Board of Physicians and Surgeons (NBPAS).  ).   Dr. Teirstein is a world-famous cardiologist whose pioneering work in replacing heart valves by catheter instead of open heart surgery has helped literally millions of people. Teirstein joined colleagues from the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and other prestigious academic medical institutions to start the NBPAS which developed a rational methodology of maintaining board certification. Unlike the members of the American Boards of Medical Specialties who earn high six-figure salaries, the NBPAS is run by volunteer board members. 
•    NBPAS requires initial board certification through American Board of Medical Specialties
•    No other entity, including state medical boards, requires board certification.
•    NBPAS requires continuing medical education (CME) above most state requirements every two years. 
•    NBPAS requires rigorous background checks. 


The Virginia Coalition on MOC Reform is a 501(c)(6) entity established to support the reform of physician maintenance of certification in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Your support helps fund our advocacy efforts leading up to and during the General Assembly session. With your help we can improve the law to better serve our patients.

Donations are not tax deductible.


Every cent of the funding will go towards the cost of the website, software and other expenses incurred for maintaining the coalition.

All Advisory Council members and the Policy Director are not reimbursed. We care about the cause and are not influenced by lobbyists or large corporations. 

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