Seeking to reform physician Maintenance of Certification in Virginia

*Opposition comments start at minute 11:52

Medical Society of Virginia passes MOC Resolutions Unanimously at October 2019 Membership Meeting

The Medical Society of Virginia acknowledges that the requirements within the Maintenance of Certification process are costly and time intensive, and they result in significant disruptions to the availability of physicians for patient care.


Further, the Medical Society of Virginia reaffirms the value of continuing medical education, while opposing mandatory Maintenance of Certification as a requirement for licensure, hospital privileges, and reimbursement form third party payers.


Lastly, the Medical Society of Virginia communicates our position regarding Maintenance of Certification to the AMA, specialty societies, universities, and physician and industry groups involved with independent continuing medical, clinical, and scientific education.


The Virginia Coalition on MOC Reform is a 501(c)(6) entity established to support the reform of physician maintenance of certification in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Your support helps fund our advocacy efforts leading up to and during the General Assembly session. With your help we can improve the law to better serve our patients.

Donations are not tax deductible.


Every cent of the funding will go towards the cost of the website, software and other expenses incurred for maintaining the coalition.

All Advisory Council members and the Policy Director do not receive any reimbursement. All work contributed to by individuals who care about the cause and are not influenced by lobbyists or large corporations.


"I'm not doing MOC again. It was insane. I do CME all the time. I don't even mind required CME, which could be a replacement for MOC. Going to conferences is expensive. Primary care doesn't get reimbursed for their work like surgical and other subspecialties. I get even less b/c I work for the state."

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